Founded in 1992, SoftWires is Europe’s leading provider of integrated enterprise software solutions specific to the Printed Circuit Industry. Since the launch and introduction of Printed Circuits Professional in 1993, Softwires has been working closely with customers making the transition to the CIM and ERP Technology business models.

SoftWires’ mission is to provide customers with the software tools to integrate and consolidate working departments with one source of information, harness the power of information to work smarter, better and faster by increasing productivity, reduce the cost of manufacturing, optimise resources, reduce leadtimes and most importantly improve customer service response. All these invariably increase business growth in a highly competitive market.

The commitment of SoftWires to support its customers comes with developing a partner-relationship and providing professional service. This commitment is extended by continually evolving the SoftWires line of software products to meet industry changes and needs. SoftWires pro-actively guide their customers in the directions needed to reach the lowest cost of ownership while attaining the highest level of value.


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